The Catholic University of America

Dean’s Certification  

When completing applications for graduate schools, professional schools, law schools, state board agencies or federal government positions, students may need a "Dean Certification Form" completed or a dean certification section completed on an application. Usually the information requested pertains to dates of attendance at CUA, academic performance, and conduct violations. Students may bring these forms to the Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) for assistance and verification.


Please note that DOS only provides information on student conduct/disciplinary history; if you require academic verification (i.e. – dates of enrollment, grades, academic dishonesty, etc.), you will need to forward your documentation to both the Office of Enrollment Services and your respective academic dean’s office.


Each certification form should be accompanied by a stamped, pre-addressed envelope to each respective school or agency; after processing, the forms are mailed directly to the school/agency, nor the student(s). Please include a phone number and/or e-mail address where you can be reached, if necessary. In order to review and process verifications in a timely manner, you should submit your forms at least 21 days before the school/agency’s deadline


Certification forms should be sent or delivered to:


The Catholic University of America

Attn: Office of the Dean of Students

620 Michigan Avenue, NE – Pryzbyla Center, Suite 353

Washington, DC 20064