The Catholic University of America


A student involved in a student conduct proceeding may be accompanied by an advisor of their choosing. Any individual (student, faculty, staff/administrator, parent/relative/friend, or attorney) who can assist the student in preparing for their conference/hearing can serve as an advisor and may also attend the proceeding. It is not the role of the advisor to “win” the case for the involved student. The advisor’s role is to provide support and consultation to the involved student before and during the proceeding. The advisor is prohibited from talking to the case officer during the proceeding. Hearings will not be scheduled or postponed based upon the availability of a student's advisor.
An attorney may be present and serve as an advisor; however, Catholic University officials involved in the operation of the student conduct system will discuss only procedural matters with attorneys serving as advisors; all other matters (written or verbal) will be referred directly to the Office of the Dean of Students, who will consult with the Office of General Counsel. All substantive questions, concerns, or comments concerning the matter as well as any written correspondence, including the filing of an appeal, must come directly from the student(s) involved.
The role of the advisor at the actual proceeding is limited. S/he is not entitled to address the case officer, or act in any advocacy capacity at the proceeding. The student and their advisor can confer at any point during the proceeding, but the advisor may not formulate specific questions, responses, or statements for the student. Violations of the guidelines would result in a warning being issued to the advisor by the case officer. Repeated violations may result in the advisor being asked to leave the proceeding.
If the involved student wishes to be accompanied by an advisor to a student conduct proceeding, he or she must inform the Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development, in writing, a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the proceeding and indicate the name and phone number of the advisor. In addition, if the advisor is an attorney, they must provide written documentation on their company’s letterhead stating their role during this process.