The Catholic University of America

Understanding Academic Integrity 

Students at The Catholic University of America are expected to be honest with all assignments that are turned into faculty and instructors. For faculty and staff at the university, cheating of any kind is offensive to the good work that all of us do. When a student cheats by stealing the ideas or words from another student, a published writer, or even an unsigned web page, that person is showing disrespect for the author, the professor to whom the work is submitted, to the university and ultimately to him or herself.  At the university, ideas and words are very valuable; to borrow them without acknowledgement is to steal from another person.

It should be clear to every student that it is assumed and expected that work you hand in will always be your own, and that you will never copy sentences, phrases, paragraphs or whole essays from any other person's work, for that is plagiarism.  It is equally wrong to ask someone else – for money or not – to write parts or all of your paper for you.  If you are ever unclear about how to cite another person or author's ideas, see your professor or consult with staff in the University Library, or the Writing Center.


University’s Policy on Student Academic Dishonesty

Resources for Students on Avoiding Plagiarism: