The Catholic University of America

Disciplined Property Status 

As stated in the University's policy on Expectations for Student Off-Campus Behavior and Living, the university through its existing jurisdiction stated in the Code of Student Conduct, may take administrative action and/or institute disciplinary action if neighborhood properties are the location of an event that, based on credible evidence and the university's determination, has disrupted the neighborhood. In addition to sanctions against individual students, the university may designate a neighborhood property as a disciplined property (DP). Upon designation as a DP, all student tenants living in the property are subject to immediate disciplinary action by the university for any behaviors deemed to be disruptive to the community. In general, the designation of DP on a neighborhood property will remain for a minimum period of four academic months and may be removed upon approved petition from the tenants or the landlord to the vice president of student life or his/her designee. However, a designation of DP may extend into future academic years, meaning that new tenants of the property will be under the same behavioral stipulations as prior tenants.